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Visa Assistance

We offer visa advisory services to our clients. we advise them on the best practices to getting genuine visas to their desired destination where applicable. We vet their documents to ensure that the right and appropriate documents are submitted. We also assist in completing their visa forms while at the same time reiterate the fact that its only the embassies that reserve the prerogative to issue visas. However our success rate in visa processing is above 80%.

U.K Visa Requirements

A valid international passport.
* Complete visa application form
* Visa fee
* Proof of finance (e.g. original bank statement or pay slips 6months)
* Conformation of accommodation and flight bookings
* Letter of invitation if you are being invited by a friend or family member
* Proof of employment
* Evidence of business ownership
* Proof of past trips
* Original marriage certificate if you are travelling with your spouse
* Birth certificate for your children if you are travelling together
* Recent utility bills
* Proof of owing any landed properties
* If you are travelling for business you will need to include a letter of
invitation/confirmation of training/confirmation of conferences and full details for
and authorized representative from your company and their details.

South Africa Visa Requirements

Form filed in block letter and black ink
* 2 identical passport size (45 by 45) mm photograph on white background showing the complete face
* A valid passport (validity at least 30 days after the intended stay)
* 2 coloured copies of bio-data page and 1 copy of all visas in the passport
* Types self introduction letter
* Letter of introduction from employer -Typed
* Proof of accommodation/Confirmation from hotel directly
* Coloured copy of Yellow fever card for adult/Immunization card for children below 10years
* Invitation letter from Host Company if attending a business meeting/Conferences/Training
* Birth certificate and consent letters for minors
* Flight Reservation
* 3 months bank statement- original, stamp and signed bank authority (Lagos and Port Harcourt office)
6 months bank statement- original stamp and signed by bank authority (Abuja office)

Zambia Visa Requirements

The Requirements for zambia visa include:
Scan copy of the entire data page
Cover letter
Hotel Booking
Flight Reservation

Canada Visa Requirements

* Complete Visitor visa (MM5257) and family information (MM5645) forms.
* An original and copy of your Nigeria passport.
The passport will need to be valid for atleast six months beyond your date of return.
* Two colour photographs that meet the visa photo requirements.
* Proof of application processing fee and, if applicable, biometric fee.
* Proof of sufficient funds for the duration of the trip (i.e 6months bank statements,payslips,
proof of investmnets e.t.c)
* If your are not paying for the trip you will need a letter from the institution sponsoring your trip
and additional documents (i.e a copy of their passport and a bank statement proving they have
sufficient funds).
* Proof of ties to Nigeria (i.e employment letter, proof of business or assets etc).
* Copy of provisional flight booking and travel itinerary (i.e accomodation reservations).
* You may need to provide a medical history or proof of good health.
* Previous passport showing travel history.
* Additional douments to support your application (i.e marriage certificate,invitation letters etc).
* A self addressed return courier envelop.

France Visa Requirements

 A complete application form
 Valid passport (with 2 consecutive clean pages) and a full copy of data pages)
 Two passport photos
 Bank statements of the last 6moths ( pay slips etc)
 Hotel reservation
 Round trip flight reservation
 Evidence of a need to return back to Nigeria (letter from employer, etc)
 Colour copy of all travel histories (if applicable)
 Employment details of the last 6moths
 Travel Health Insurance

Dubai Visa Requirements

The requirements for Dubai visa processing include:

Scan copy of the entire data page
Scan copy of the coloured passport photo on a white background.
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